What's Next?

A New Home For The GhostPrepper's Blog

Hello, everyone I won't take up much of your time today.  I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to go ahead and begin the process of moving GhostPrepper's Blog over to a new site called www.PrepperSkills.Com, the site is functional with a few articles up but is still under construction.  
You will find that the look and feel of it is very similar to my other Survival Blog - www.RealitySurvival.Com.  I have found that it will be much more efficient running both of the sites from Word Press as opposed to learning to use Blogger and trying to maintain a Word Press site as well.  
However, the good news is that www.PrepperSkills.Com is going to be a community based website that all of you can submit your ideas, pictures and projects, and tips and tricks to in order for it to be posted there for all of the prepping community to see.   The articles can be very basic with a couple of  pictures and a few paragraphs of text or as complex as 10 pages of text with multiple pics, graphs and video.  I will even work with you to edit and host your video on my YouTube channel if you would like to do that as well. Or if you can edit your own material and have a YouTube channel I can simply embed your video in the article.

This site will be used for any material that has to do with Prepper Skills.  "Prepper Skills" in my view can be a wide range of topics from disaster preparedness, wilderness survival, gardening, bushcraft, primitive homemaking skills, primitive cooking, hunting tips and tricks, shooting tips and tricks, gun, knife or other outdoor gear reviews, fishing tips and tricks, DIY projects, a look at what you keep in your Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, Survival Kits, or any other type of kit, or anything related to living in a “grid down” scenario.

On this new site I will be gradually reposting all of Ghost Prepper's material for you to refer to if you ever need it.  But in the mean time if you have thought about sharing some of your Prepper Skills, please do so!  

Just go to to get all of the details and guidelines for submitting an article.  It is all pretty much common sense, but since that isn't all that common these days, I went ahead and spelled it out.

I believe the spirit and intent of most Prepper's is to share their knowledge with one another, so that we will all be better off, if and when the SHTF.  So with that in mind I hope get some of your ideas or tips and tricks as submissions to the new site www.PrepperSkills.Com very soon!  

Stay Safe!


Hello Preppers!

The New Ghost?

I have followed Ghost Prepper for the last eight months or so, and I can assuredly promise you that I am not the new Ghost.  However, Ghost Prepper did give me the honor of taking over for him today due to the unfortunate circumstances in his life right now.  My prayers will with with him and his family as I know yours will be as well.  Though I have never met Ghost or even spoken with him over the phone, I have always been impressed with his passion for sharing prepping skills and passing along good tips and tricks.  I would like to publicly thank him for giving me the opportunity to try and fill his shoes.  I hope I will be able to live up to your expectations.  

So where to start?  I suppose first I should tell you who I am.  My name is JJ Johnson and I am also the owner and author of RealitySurvival.  My full Bio can be found there and you will also find a little more than a years worth of my personal blog posts on topics including wilderness survival, prepping, guns, knives, outdoor gear reviews and several other posts on miscellaneous survival and prepping related posts.  I also have a fairly good collection of what I think are highly useful videos (I recently hit my 100th YouTube Video) and you can subscribe to my channel by visiting here.  Like many of the masses I also have a FaceBook page and you can find it by clicking here, I always appreciate your support by clicking "Like" and "Sharing" posts with your friends.  Last but not least I also admin a lively FaceBook group titled "Wilderness Survival" (there are two groups with that name) mine can be joined by clicking here.  I hope you stop by and join us!  In that group I welcome people who post all types of survival related material, prepping advice and tips, and feel free to buy, sell or barter goods and services with more than a thousand other like minded preppers and survivalists.  If FaceBook is not your thing (I totally understand) you can also find me on just about all of the other popular social media sites as well here: Tumblr and here StumbleUpon and here Pinterest and here Twitter and here Delicious and here ReddIt and there may be others I am forgetting, but that is a good start.  Whew... I am glad I can share all of the content I write to all of those sites in just a few key strokes, thanks to technology.  Without it I would never have time to get in the woods and practice myself!  

So what am I all about?  My personal goal in the blogosphere is to add a dose of "Reality" to the conversation.  I am a realist who honestly believes that leading a self reliant lifestyle is necessary and a good idea, but I do live in the "real" world.  I am not a crazy obsessed hoarding Doomsday Prepper who never leaves the house in fear of "Big Brother" implanting me with an RFID chip and afraid I will be poisoned by "Chem Trails" if I leave the house without my gas mask.  I think prepping is needed for real life events, tornadoes, hurricanes, economical failure, hyperinflation, terrorism, infrastructure failure, etc.  I have a full time job and a family and have a life the isn't completely dominated by cyberspace, though I do find myself online past my bed time on a routine basis.  I am also a very strong pro "Rule of Law" guy, if you think throwing over the government with violence is a good idea, we won't likely see eye to eye on much at all.  The rule of law is what made this country the best country on the planet.  Believe me, I don't think government or politicians are perfect, far from it.  But I do believe that we have the ability to make changes within the system to make things better.  So you won't find the new Ghost Prepper Blog a place that will contain political or religious hate speech or any drama, life is too short and I have more important stuff to do than hate on others.  For instance getting my own preps in order and squared away.  You can never be too prepared.  My intent with both of these blogs is to create a free online survival and prepping skills school of sorts a library of free and useful information.  If you would like to add to that library of information with your own tips and tricks I would HIGHLY appreciate your contributions.  All I ask is that they are useful and original works of your own creation.  Feel free to submit your articles by clicking here.  

So what now?  Well, now I have to figure out if I can manage two blogs or if it makes sense to blend the two blogs into one.  I would appreciate any input you have on that issue!  Take a look at my other blog http://www.RealitySurvival.Com and let me know if you prefer that layout or this layout and why.  The decision will be based on your input, how much time it will consume and how I can make the widest impact.  In preparation for doing this I have tried to make it easy for you to always be able to find Ghost Prepper's library of information by purchasing the URL www.GhostPrepper.Com.  Currently the URL is pointed to the site you are reading.  If I find that it makes more sense and readers agree that I should blend the two sites into one, I will point that URL to my other blog or vice versa.  So if you bookmark www.GhostPrepper.Com you will always be able to get to the information one way or the other.  Note: is the old URL, so you may need to change your current book mark, or just subscribe to both blogs by email and you are good to go as well.  Since I have only been following GhostPrepper for the last eight months, one of the other tasks I need to do is go through and take a look at all of Ghost's information in his posts (he has a ton of material here) and make sure they meet my personal and all legal standards (original works, cited properly, grammar, good blogging edict, etc).  I am sure everything will be fine, but like my favorite US President said "Trust, but verify!"  I will also need to take a look and ensure the html code is up to snuff, links are working, etc so that the site will perform well on the web.  All of that is to say that you may see some articles disappear or reappear with some tweaks or my personal spin mixed in, but I will do my best to keep as much of Ghost's original works alive and well up on the site as possible. 

I look forward to hearing from you guys & gals and hope to receive your inputs as to the future direction of this blog!  I will talk to you soon! Cheers JJ    


A New Prepper Is Taking Over The Site

Preppers. In the next few days, an awesome Prepper will be taking over this site. He is very experienced and I cannot wait to see where he takes the site!
SYOTOS. - Jiske-h (Ghost)


Good Bye My Prepper Friends

Due to a recent illness with my wife, I will be closing down this blog in a week. Looks like my main reason for prepping will not be able to BOA so we will hold out here as long as we can. I Put up an archive link at the top. Download anything you like. My gift to my friends. If there is a like minded prepper out there that would like to take over this blog, email me at I hate to close this but it is too much work with a big family illness this sever. Take care and probably Won't SYOTOS. Jiske-h (Ghost) aka...Bob